What to Expect from your PT

A Personal Trainer has the responsibility of effectively helping a client achieve his or her personal fitness and health goals and be able to layout realistic but challenging goals.
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How can a PT benefit me?

You won’t burn out or over train, as our Personal Trainers will ensure that you train effectively through a structured, systematic exercise programme and for the correct length of time.
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Packages Available

Group It
Express 30 min sessions
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What our clients say

Here are a few testimonials from my clients to see more  click here

"I had my second baby and wanted to get rid of the baby weight and tone. I knew Cindy was the same age as me and she also had children so she would know exactly how I felt post baby with my new "bigger body".

She took me for assessments and measurements and worked out an eating plan and exercise program for me that suited my fitness level and requirements. She thoroughly explained the eating and exercise program plan to me and answered all my questions. She focused on my "problem" areas and adapted the eating and exersise plans as I got more fit and to keep it new so I wouldn't get bored. With every session she made sure my posture and technique was right.

She is so friendly, approachable and helpfull. I thoroughly enjoy our workouts to this day! It was so wonderful to see the weightloss results and feel great!"


"My name is Bernard Goosen, I have cerebral palsy and I worked with Cindy from 2006 until 2010. I always found her to be very supportive, confident and willing to try different training methods according to what I needed. Over the years I discovered that Cindy was and is a very driven individual who is the best trainer I have worked with in 15 years. She became an integral part of that success in achieving our goals that I had set for myself. During this time I was able to successfully summit Kilimanjaro in a wheelchair under my own power. She was able to accompany me on the trip to help me with my daily stretching and recovery routines and she went above and beyond to ensure my success. I feel that she would be a great asset to anyone who wishes to push their own limits to a better lifestyle through fitness. "

Bernard Goosen - Fastest man to summit Kilimanjaro in a wheelchair